Neonatal Resuscitation Program - NRP

NRP Course Training and Certification

The NRP Provider Course introduces the concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation. It is designed for health care professionals involved in any aspect of neonatal resuscitation, including physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, nurse midwives, licensed midwives, respiratory care practitioners, and other health care professionals who provide direct care during neonatal resuscitation.

This class is a two part process:

1. Please go to the NRP online course and complete the online portion by clicking this link.

2.  Print your certificate and bring it to the class you registered for to complete the skills portion.

It is recommended that you use the 7th edition textbook for the course.

Some students have been successful with the 6th edition but using the 6th edition may not have the most current up to date curriculum covered in the online exam.

You will receive your NRP certification at the completion of your skills portion.

Cost of the NRP Skills Portion is: $80

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