Basic Arrhythmia Recognition and Pharmacology Training and Certification

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who have had prior experience in EKG recognition and treatment and are looking for a class to review basic EKG rhythm recognition and updated pharmacology information for certification or to be recertified.

The Basic Arrhythmia Recognition and Pharmacology course and will cover:

  • Basic Dysrhythmias
  • Normal ECG Measurements
  • Pharmacology
  • Electrophysiology

A certificate will be awarded at the end of this course and students will receive continuing education for the course.

This course is delivered in a hybrid online and in class format near you at one of our locations.

The steps to complete this course is:

  1. Complete the online portion
  2. Schedule and come in for 2 hour lecture and review

Cost $60

Click to Schedule the Online Portion of the Basic Arrhythmia Recognition and Pharmacology Class